January 1, 2005
January 1, 2009


An Excellent Intervention Tool for “youth-at-risk”

This programme was founded in 2009 as a partnership between the City of Cape Town and Zip Zap. We believe that “circus” is an excellent intervention tool for “youth-at-risk” and provides a platform for the children to learn discipline and team work, through a circus environment.

Zip Zap has targeted the most underprivileged kids in Cape Town, and now partners with the HCI Foundation and Golden Arrow to expose children and youth-at-risk from primary schools, high schools, ECD centres, NGOs, orphanages and children’s homes are to a workshop of circus techniques and acts. Children play games and warm-up together where they learn the importance of stretching and warming up their muscles and joints to avoid injuries during physical activity. The aim is to instil an element of fun, belonging and body awareness. Children are divided into 4-5 groups and each group moves to a different station at 15 minute intervals. The groups rotate in this fashion until each group has explored each station and given the basic circus activity a try which encourages perseverance and motivation. These activities include trapeze, wire-walk, juggling, tumbling and mini-trampoline. One of the highlights of the day is for all the kids to form a pyramid as a group, instilling trust and teamwork which these participants are encouraged to share amongst their peers.

As one group, participants then watch a Zip Zap clip, a short performance by the instructors, and complete a questionnaire about their experience at Zip Zap. The questionnaire and short performance aims to educate and inspire the kids to opportunities within the circus industry.


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