Cape Town social circus ‘Zip Zap’ invited to perform at prestigious event in Lagos, Nigeria

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Cape Town’s very own social circus, Zip Zap, has been invited to showcase their world-class performance skills to 350 international businesses, expatriates and Nigerian guests in Lagos, Nigeria on 25 April 2015.
The performance will form part of the tenth anniversary for the Society for Performing Arts Nigeria (SPAN), a registered non-profit organisation that aims to create a top-notch standard for performing arts education and expression in Nigeria.

“We are committed to the preservation and promotion of the rich cultural and artistic expressions the African people are known for, and take pride in the association with organisations that share our passion, We’ve seen a passionate spirit in the work Zip Zap does and saw the gala event as the perfect opportunity to learn from and enrich their exceptional performers.”

says Sarah Boulos, founder and director of SPAN.

Over the past 23 years, Zip Zap has tackled poverty and unemployment in Cape Town by teaching circus skills to aspiring youngsters in local impoverished areas, but the recent international interest is unprecedented.

“Receiving an invitation to perform at the gala event is a huge achievement for Zip Zap, because it demonstrates our performers’ exceptional talent and refined skills,” says Brent van Rensburg, co-founder and artistic director of Zip Zap. “The support and opportunities we have received has shown that our motto, ‘dare to dream’, does not only capture our ideals, but has become a rewarding inspiration for all Zip Zappers.”

Seven top Zip Zap performers Jacobus Claassen (22 years old), Jason Barnard (21 years old), Phelelani Ndakroka (19 years old), Sabine Van Rensburg (18 years old) and instructors, Lennert Vandenbroeck (28 years old), Lesu Escalante (28 years old), and Tamryn Escalante (27 years old), are set to dazzle the crowd at the Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island in Lagos, Nigeria on 25 April 2015, with their internationally acclaimed acts.
The show, titled ‘OUR STORY’ tells the exciting life stories of the stars of SPAN through a heart-warming and spectacular showcase of dance, music and song. From their beginnings transitioning into the performing arts under the training, guidance and vision of the society, and finally being rewarded by success in their fields as performers, choreographers, directors and producers.

The performance will include aerial acts: single trapeze and silk, ground acts: gravity juggling and Cyr wheel, as well as dance and movement! Zip Zap teaches circus skills in the greater Cape Town area and provides circus entertainment at private and corporate functions as well as public events.