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  • Table
    Hilarious antics combining slapstick and acrobatics.

  • Cyr Wheel
    Unique in SA, the spinning cyr wheel act.

  • Adagio
    A mix of dance, acrobatics and pyramids.
  • Gravity juggling / Group juggling / Rings juggling
    Choose from a variety of solo and
    group acts.
  • trapeze zipzapcircus
  • Scarf/Silks
    A beautiful aerial ballet like Picasso painting with bodies.

  • Lyra
    An aerial hoop act.

  • Lunatricks
    A comedy cascade of fast acrobatic stunts.

  • Straps
    A combination of strength and style.

  • Car / Beach / Balancing chairs
    An audience interactive comedy act that
    never fails to bring down the house.

  • Contortion
    An intriped interlude of outstanding
    balance and flexibility. 
  • Triple trapeze
    A highly choreographed trapeze act performed by three artists.
  • Hand to Hand
    A dynamic and acrobatic duo act.

  • Chairs
    An exciting handbalance routine, combining acrobatics and strength, on a stack of chairs!