Mission, Vision & Values



To take "ordinary" kids (including "youth-at-risk") and provide them with the resources to develop skills, through the medium of Circus Arts, that will develop them as young leaders, good citizens, ambassadors for South Africa, and make them eminently employable.

To provide innovative cutting edge professional training and entertainment thereby providing opportunities for youth to fulfill their potential and contributing to the growth of a healthy nation.

To form mutually beneficial partnerships with our funders and others who wish to be associated with Zip Zap.


Zip Zap is an innovative School of Circus Arts, inspiring and empowering young people.


Zip Zap creates a platform for students (and partners) with a chance to turn dreams into reality providing an open door to a fun, safe place, with a sense of family and a clear focus to shape their confidence, skills and worth, critical to moving on as a new South Africa. 

That is what we call “Circus Magic”.


Our values give us the ability to live what we have learned, and believe in what we do.

Ethicalwe ask of ourselves and others that we walk our talk, practice transparency, safeguard our reputation, provide safe,child friendly space and keep in mind always that how we do what we do, matters.

Transformationalengaging with us is guaranteed to totally and irrevocably change your life whether as a learner, a patron, a supplier or a friend.

Teamwork - investing in building the team to carry the legacy 50 years from now is what we do Trust - Commitment - Community - Non discriminating - Family

Passionate and Resilient - what we do is never just a job....and it shows.

Accountability and Sustainability - it is our opinion and expectation of others that it's not enough to just do your job - it's about accepting responsibility for the best result possible and being part of the solution not the problem should things go wrong.




Latest News

  • 2017 Award Ceremony

    Zip Zap' Dare to Dream programme was awarded Platinum, amongst 25 exceptional Change Agents for it's contribution to social change in South Africa, at the 2017 Impumelelo Awards.

    Impumelelo Social Innovation Center - Impumlelo promotes models of social innovation and public-problem solving in South Africa through it's bi-annual awards programme, sector-based national workshops, case study research and advocacy and media campaign. It aims to get solution to public challenges up-scaled and replicated nationally.

    2017 Award Ceremony
  • Behind the scenes training for professional circus performers
  • Circus fun for everyone at Zip Zap’s first Family Fun Day

    Zip Zap Circus School is hosting its first ever Family Fun Day on Sunday, 17 April 2016. Save the date for a superb day out for all; including brothers, sisters, mum, dad, grandparents, cousins and friends. Everyone is welcome to join the Zip Zap family at this jam packed day of fun! It promises to become an annual highlight for everyone who dreams of the circus and all the magic that it holds.

    Circus fun for everyone at Zip Zap’s first Family Fun Day