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Nic Bothma

Nic has been a professional photojournalist for 20 years and has worked in more than 60 countries. He began his career documenting the fall of apartheid and transition into democracy in South Africa. Nic currently holds the position of West Africa chief photographer for the international European Pressphoto Agency (EPA)

Matt Strybis

Matt is a tiny fragment of the universe perceiving itself for a second.
He grew up nowhere and takes pride in being nowhere. With a keen interest in visual representation, his greatest focus lies in Graphic Design and Photography. His boots are often dirty but his lenses are always clean.

Alice Smeets

Alice Smeets is an award winning photojournalist and movie director. She was born in Belgium in 1987. Fascinated about documentary photography, she learned her skills by assisting the famous photographer Philip Jones Griffiths. She is focused on photographing social and cultural issues and recently directed her first documentary about the negative aspects of the aid industry in Haiti.

Karen Schermbrucker

With a mutual passion for visual story telling that ‘opens eyes’ and ‘changes perspective’, Rob and Karin Schermbrucker created Slingshot Media and dedicated the next chapter of their lives to travel Africa – to capture and tell stories of hope that would bring liberation.

Their battle cry, “All things are possible!” has echoed in many nations, with many different faces. They continue to use visual media (stills and video) to start dialogue within communities (“launchers”), believing that it is this dialogue that converts into action and will ultimately bring change to a crisis or given situation.

Paula Zapata

I am a Colombian. I was born in a beautiful city called Manizales. I have left my country and my city many times, and I have always returned to Colombia.

I have had the great opportunity to work with the best contemporary artists of South Africa, one of the best Commercial Directors in the country and in the world, I was a producer for the biggest TV channel of Colombia during the World Cup, I have photographed beautiful events and people in South Africa, and I have met lovely people.

Irene McCullagh

My relationship with Zip Zap dates back to roughly 2004/2005, when we attended a show one Saturday in the industrial premises in Montague Gardens. My admiration of and commitment to Zip Zap have grown ever since. The years have seen many changes, but the ongoing vibrancy, energy and love of life are obvious in all that Zip Zap do; it is an honor to be associated with them.

Mads Norgaard

Mads Norgaard is a Danish-born photographer, educated and living in South Africa. He specializes in documentary and commercial photography. His documentary work revolves around topics like transport and everyday life in Cape Town with a particular focus on Mitchells Plain. Mads is also the coordinator and editor of the documentary photography festival Bonani Africa 2010, exhibition and book, in collaboration with Omar Badsha and Jeeva Rajgopaul.

Gregor Röhrig

Gregor Röhrig specializes in documenting processes and significant moments. He has exhibited both locally and internationally, and is best known for his street, urban landscape, portrait, and process documentation photography. Predominantly black & white, his photojournalistic style is distinctive and his images are emotionally charged. His work is distinguished by the stories that he allows his audience to imagine whilst absorbing his work. 

Neal Kernohan

Neal Kernohan is a Cape Town based photographer, originally from Ireland.

Shooting film since his mid-teens, and having his own darkroom for over a decade into his twenties, he has renewed his love of photography in digital form.

Neal loves to be around people and loves the diversity in South Africa.  Shooting candidly, he enjoys becoming embedded in the people's environment and thrives on a new challenge.  He has enjoyed medium term documentary style projects, but is always open to once-off or long term events and documentary work.

Jana Marnewick Stellenbosch Academy

The Academy is situated in the historic town of Stellenbosch, renowned for its academia and viniculture. The focus is on the quality of work produced by students, through a chosen mix of lectures with educational and industry experience. The institute boats up-to-date facilities in terms of space, equipment and technology and the curriculum has an interdisciplinary approach to teaching visual communication. The major subjects Photography/Design/Illustration/Art Direction, are combined rather than treated as separate entities. This led to the academy being recognized as the number one creative educational institution in South Africa by the Loerie Awards 2012.

These pictures were taken by one of their students at the time, Jana Marnewick, a portrait, couple, engagements and wedding photographer located in Durbanville, Cape Town.

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