Zip Zap UK

Zip Zap recognizes the importance of diversifying its income streams and the challenges of the current economic climate. Charities in the USA, the UK and France have been set-up with legal structures and tax deductions facilities with the aim to raise funds for Zip Zap in South Africa. Dollars, Pounds and Euros go a long way when transferred into Rand.

Kaivi Ekue

Kaivi has a background in Computing, is an expert business analyst and experienced in the design of scalable high availability systems. He had a career as a systems architect for major investment banks such as Merrill Lynch and J.P Morgan. Kaivi started his working life as a systems developer in GCHQ after which he worked on government IT systems projects with Sema Group (now known as Atos Origin). In 2001 a complete change of direction led him to a career designing and running loyalty programs for the hospitality industry in Eastern Europe and India where he lived for 7 years. He is now the co-founder and Business Technology Director of Loyalty Bus Limited based in London with clients in the UK, Ireland and Saudi Arabia. Kaivi is also a co-founder of Playright Services Limited, a company created for the specific needs of both gamblers and gambling operators to prevent the harm which can be caused by gambling. Playright gives casino and arcade operators the tools they need to help players gamble responsibly. He is a keen motor racing enthusiast and Zip Zap evangelist.

Carla Mcclachlan

"Having a brother in the circus means I have been around circus and performers most of my life.
I grew up in Observatory and now live with my husband, Ian, in Berkshire, England, where we have been for the past nine years. This is after a stint in Denmark for two years. Even though I have been around circus people for such a long time, it has never lost the magic I feel each time I watch it and it’s an honour to be a tiny part of Zip Zap in some small way".