Artistic Residency at Zip Zap Circus School, Cape Town

We are opening applications to an Artistic Residency, whereby professional artists can develop their acts and skills in a supportive, resourced space, in return for assistance with our students’ development.



Zip zap is one of Africa's largest and most progressive academy of circus arts with 5 outreach programmes, 3 youth programmes, 1 professional course and a year-long event calendar...

>>> short videos explaining our projects Zip Zap Circus School Youtube Channel


Zip Zap Offers

An artistic residency at Zip Zap Circus School would benefit participants in the following ways:

  • A fully resourced venue to train in, including aerial and ground equipment, sound and lighting, and a 17m x 9m stage
  • The opportunity to join ongoing classes at Zip Zap, including dance, acrobatics, aerial disciplines, conditioning, stretching...
  • Presentation of your ongoing work and feedback from management
  • Subsidised accommodation in our student residence, where rent, electricity, water, and food are completely covered
  • Zip Zap is searching for:

Zip Zap Circus School is looking for applicants to the artistic residency who, in return for the benefits listed above:

  • Can teach a minimum of ten hours of classes per week
  • Can assist in general events at Zip Zap Circus School
  • Can assist in spreading the word about Zip Zap Circus School



For more information and for application forms, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.