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January 1, 2005
January 1, 2009


An Excellent Intervention Tool for “youth-at-risk”

This programme was founded in 2009 as a partnership between the City of Cape Town and Zip Zap. We believe that “circus” is an excellent intervention tool providing an ideal platform for the children to learn discipline and team work, in a fun, exciting and safe environment.

Zip Zap, now in partnership with the HCI Foundation and Golden Arrow Bus Services targets the most underprivileged kids in Cape Town in underserved areas, from primary schools, high schools, NGOs, orphanages and children’s homes to expose them to a hands-on workshop of circus games, techniques and activities.

Each session starts with games essential for warming up the body and the mind as well as important social interactions. Children are then divided into groups giving time to explore each circus activity encouraging discovery, physical activity and open-mind. The session ends with the entire group forming a human pyramid, instilling trust and teamwork and a huge sense of accomplishment.

The group then watches a short display by the instructors, followed by a Q&A with the instructors.


2019: HCI Foundation Community transport, StreetSmartSA, Nucleus Integrated Financial Development Services, Kurt & Joey Strauss Foundation

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2013: Kindermissionwerk, City of Cape Town