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March 1, 2017
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March 15, 2017

Cape Town Cycle Tour 2018

ZipZap’s CEO leading the way forward

We would like to take the this opportunity to thank each and everyone who donated to Zip Zap in aid of the Cape Town Cycle Tour, it is with great sadness that we were unable to have our riders ride, but as the Cape Town Cycle Team said “Safety First”, we look forward to participating in this amazing next year.

If you have ever found yourself on the edge of your seat at the sight of their performers’ trapezing 10 meters above the ground, doing hand to hand stands or hanging upside-down with their feet looped in a scarf, then you have witnessed the result of countless hours of sweat, hard work, collaboration and transformation. Leading the team of these inspiring young performers with her endless drive and passion and at the heart of Zip Zap circus school is co-founder and CEO, Laurence Estève. Along with husband and other founding half, Brent van Rensburg, they have bent, adapted, squeezed and pushed through challenges to build what Zip Zap had now become. Having the vision of using performance arts as a tool for social transformation, Laurence had guided individuals from challenging backgrounds to become professional performing artists working in Europe and North America. Some of these individuals who grew up on the streets are now skilled and valued artists and technicians in the entertainment and film industries.

“Brent left the country in 1977 to go and perform in Europe. With no school degree and being able to speak six languages he found the opportunity of rigging the world highest flying trapeze. He wanted to give back and offer the same opportunities that he had. It makes us both happy to help kids and contribute to the building of our nation with our own 2 cents worth. If everyone puts in their 2 cents, the world would be a better place,” mentions Estève.

“Since Zip Zap’s inception in 1992, we have lived our mission of taking "ordinary" kids (including youth-at-risk) and providing them with the resources to develop performance skills, with circus arts as a medium. These skills develop them as young leaders, good citizens, ambassadors for South Africa, and make them employable,” adds van Rensburg.

For the first time Estève will be riding the CTCT along with ten other riders from ZipZap. Together they share the goal of raising R 100 000 to support the amazing work of Zip Zap and to continue their mission for many years to come. They need your help towards achieving this goal. You can support their journey by sponsoring one of the Zip Zap riders to cycle the tour. By sponsoring a rider you will also be invited as a VIP, along with your family, to watch their 25 year celebration show this year. The event will be a showcase of the hard work, spirit and transformation Zip Zap has been responsible for during their lifetime.

The funds raised by this initiative will go towards Zip Zap’s youth programmes, which are free to all participants and offer valuable social and performance skills that will create the next group of professional performers who will thrill crowds across South Africa and the world.