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April 15, 2017
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July 25, 2017

Winter Tots Camp

A FUNdraiser full of fun circus activities!

Join us for a unique experience where your children get a taste of circus magic through a week jam-packed with fun circus activities. The children will even get to participate in a live show! Booking a place for your child will also offer a fun circus holiday week to a kid from one of our social outreach program.

Book your ticket and bring circus magic into the holidays : http://qkt.io/tDHHnj

What is it?

Zip Zap Circus Camp is designed to introduce children to circus techniques through games and play in a safe space where students can experience new adventures, different circus techniques and receive encouragement in a non-competitive, nurturing environment. During the camp your children will create wonderful memories, make new friends and experience a wide variety of circus skills. Children at Any level of physical development & skill are welcome!


Because circus helps build a foundation for strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, focus, posture, teamwork and determination.

Interactive and entertaining, we use fun games and circus techniques to create body awareness, improve motor skills and create a week filled with circus magic, we make sure they get to participate in as much as they're comfortable with and most of all to make sure that they are having FUN!

INTERACTIVE: Your children get to participate in real circus activities - Trapeze, tightrope, juggling, trampoline, acrobatics and MORE!

ENTERTAINING: We will present a small live performance by our very own circus professionals to entertain and inspire your children.

PERFORMANCE: Even YOUR children get to perform and work together to present a grand finale Circus presentation at the end of the camp with costume and

make – up…like a real circus STAR!

It’s a FUNdraiser!

Established with Doctors without Borders at the Ubuntu clinic in Site B, Khayelitsha in 2012, the project aims to give the opportunity to HIV positive kids to have fun through games and circus activities while waiting for ARV treatment. The children learn new skills, which can even allow them to join other Zip Zap’s programs. Booking a ticket for this winter tot camp will allow a enthusiastic kid from Ubuntu to join it as well or help finance one of our 3 social outreach programs.


Your price include 1 entrance for a kid from our social program

R 180 Per Drop In Class

R800 for the week

R800 per child includes:

  • 5 day camp filled with qualified instructors, circus activities and fun interactive games
  • A performance by the instructors
  • Your Child taking part in a live presentation at the end of the week in costume & make-up
  • A Zip Zap T-shirt
  • A Zip Zap certificate


Age 5-7 Years old

Monday 17th – Friday 21th July 2017


Contact us immediately to book – limited spaces:


More information

021 421 86 23, info@zip-zap.co.za