Dare to Dream: Open Day
October 4, 2017
Zip Zap Awarded Platinum
November 5, 2017


An Acrobatic Walk Down Memory Lane

Every year, Zip Zap collaborates with schools and NGOs providing them with a platform to raise funds for their chosen cause. This year Zip Zap presents its newest show: "25 years - An Acrobatic Walk Down Memory Lane," which is a true celebration of how the circus has changed lives and impacted communities in greater Cape Town.

Students from Zip Zap’s advanced programmes will show off the results of their incredible dedication and team work in a show that is suitable for the whole family. The audience will be mesmerized and inspired by performances of trapeze, fabric, juggling, acrobatics, trampoline and much more. We look forward to sharing our energy with you, and demonstrate the passion and possibilities behind every show and behind our circus’ whole story.


April to Sept : To host your own show for next year contact marcelle@zip-zap.co.za

21 October at 1pm with Honeycomb Montessori: Ticket at R120, contact Honeycomb 021-794 3725 Book now via Email

21 October at 4pm with Tableview Lions Club: Contact Sue Meredith 072 209 6332

22 October at 1pm with Herzlia Kerem: Ticket at R120 or R450 for a family of 4, contact Herzlia Kerem School 021-286 3831