RICA Festival in Abidjan
January 22, 2019
Therapeutic Arts with Eden O Shoro
February 4, 2019


A Zip Zap Circus project

ZAPPERS is a YOUTH DEVELOPMENT project aimed at identifying and nurturing talent within Zip Zap youth programmes. Zappers is focused on imparting high-level circus expertise to youth with exceptional talent to create new acts, new shows and new artists, using Zip Zap expertise, a pool of international visiting artists and e-learning.

ZAPPERS targets youth between the age of 10 and 18 who are currently in Zip Zap’s youth and outreach programmes. We offer a small group of participants (identified as committed, dedicated and with exceptional potential) the opportunity for intensive training from local and international industry professionals and performance opportunities. The specific aim of this programme is to develop a core group of youth performers with a high level of circus skills.

Globally, wellness and opportunities are defined by our socioeconomic status. The Zappers initiative works to close the access to opportunity gap between the rich and the poor by providing free high-level circus tuition to all children regardless of income. The Zappers program is free so that children with potential, irrespective of their socioeconomic backgrounds race, or ethnicity have access to the extensive benefits of circus arts at an early age and use them to build positive habits that last a lifetime.

ZAPPERS is a new Zip Zap programme, aimed at identifying and recruiting the best talent within our existing youth programmes and further nurturing and developing successful candidates through master classes, in such a way that the programme creates opportunities for them – placing all in a position to choose the performing arts of circus as a career. This ultimately creates employment, preserves the circus arts in South Africa and continues the legacy of the Zip Zap philosophy of using circus arts as a transformative tool for connecting education, physical well-being, individual growth and social development for children and youth who are socially at risk.


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