April 4, 2019
Winter Tots Camp 2019
May 10, 2019

Annual Juggling Convention

This event was originally scheduled for 19th September 2020. However, due to the Covid-19 threat and subsequent restrictions it had to be postponed. We have planned for this event to resume in 2021, and we will align with prevailing regulations in this regard.

Under normal circumstances, Zip Zap partners with The College of Magic,   Sisonke and MOD schools which are under the DCAS programme.

The event centres around juggling:

  • Teaching juggling techniques
  • Enabling children to be share skills with each other
  • Impromptu performances
  • Fun competitions and games


This event was also planned to take place as part of the Show and Tell performances for our Zip Zap programmes.  Due to Covid19 our partner, Action Arte, was not operating at full capacity, resulting in the event being postponed.

Under normal circumstances this event collaboration brings the local social circus community together for a one-day occasion.  Performances and skills sharing workshops are hosted by  Zip Zap, Sisonke Social Circus and Action Arte. Hopefully we will be able to deliver this as planned in 2021, and we will align with prevailing regulations in this regard.

We aim to share knowledge and experience, and grow the social circus community in a healthy safe joyful manner.

Please contact us should you want to join this network on youth@zip-zap.co.za.