Zip Zap Circus is participating in National Wills Week
October 27, 2020
November 23, 2020

Zip Zap’s live shows for 2020 just released

After this year of #20Plenty has rocked everyone’s world, Zip Zap is celebrating the resilience of our Rainbow Nation with some brand-new circus magic, and this time in picnic style! Pack your cushions, picnic blankets and low-lying chairs and book your spot at ‘A Circus Picnic’ at the Zip Zap Dome from 11 – 20 December 2020, with shows daily at 7pm. This heralds the first show since lockdown and the final show for the year, presented by South Africa’s favourite social circus.

A brand-new show launches professional performance troupe

A Circus Picnic will also serve as the launch of Zip Zap’s professional performing company, MOYA I SPIRIT. This troupe comprises eight world-class performers all of whom are products of Zip Zap’s free vocational training programme and with years of international and local collective show time under their belts.

The homegrown production is an emotive coming-of-age tale of an adventurous and curious young boy, and his discovery of the circus. Through the magic of the big top he escapes a challenging reality and leaps into an enchanting parallel world of acrobatics and delight, taking the audience on a wonderous ride.

A Circus Picnic showcases a proudly South-African, family-friendly blend of traditional and contemporary circus, infused with humour, dance and exhilarating circus aerials and acrobatics, all while conveying a meaningful, 'feel-good’ storyline.

A theatrical circus picnic experience

The Dome will be transformed into a theatrical picnic site, with plenty of space to allow for physical distancing, along with an easy digital COVID-19 health screening, all orchestrated by a charismatic Ringmaster. Demarcated spaces will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis. Chairs for the elderly will be available on request upon arrival.

Buy your picnic feast online when you buy your ticket. In accordance with COVID-19 regulations, each picnic box caters for 1 person, and are individually pre-packed and sanitized, ready for your collection upon arrival at the Zip Zap Dome on the day of your show.


Q: Am I allowed to bring my own food? A: Sorry, but no other food is permitted other than the picnic boxes supplied by our partners, Dish Food & Social. Picnic boxes are on sale on Quicket, so buy yours when you buy your show ticket.

Q: What picnic boxes are available? A: Vegan, standard and gluten-free, Adults and Kids and all Halaal friendly.

Q: Can I buy picnic boxes at the venue? A: A few picnic boxes are available at the venue to be purchased by credit/debit card or Zapper.

Q: Where do I collect my picnic boxes? A: At the Zip Zap Dome on your show date booked

Q: Will chairs be available? A: Chairs can be requested on arrival for the elderly and will be placed on the sides of the picnic area.

Q: What must I bring? A: Your blanket, cushion, low-lying chair

Q: What can I buy at the venue? A: Beers, wine, soft drinks and some amazing Shwe Shwe products (picnic blankets, backpacks, wonderbags and even doggie beds. Plus, some really cool Zip Zap merchandise like t-shirts, buffs and handcrafted juggling balls.

Q: What methods of payment can I use? A: Only credit/debit cards and Zapper – no cash will be accepted

Q; Is my show ticket my picnic box ticket? A: No, these are 2 separate purchases. Both can be made on Quicket.

Q: What Covid19 protocols are in place at the venue? Every audience member will be screened with a temperature and symptom check. Sanitizers at every touchpoint, masks to be worn at all times except when eating, social distancing to be maintained.

Picnics supplied by Dish Food & Social and cater for Vegans, Standard and Gluten-free for both adults and children (R85 – R150).

While beverages will be available to purchase at the show, there will be no food on sale nor will outside food be permitted inside the venue, so be sure to pre-order your picnic boxes when you buy your tickets!

Corporate bookings for any alternative dates are available. All proceeds will support Zip Zap regain momentum and fund all their free youth and outreach programmes for 1000 beneficiaries.

Dates: 11th – 20th December 2020 - daily. Time: Doors open at 5:30pm, show starts at 7pm. Finished by 9pm. Early Bird: 9th October – 8th November