Awards & Achievements

Zip Zap's bragging rights
  • 2020 - Arts and Culture Trust’s ImpACT Awards.

    Phelelani Ndakokro (Ree) nominated for the Arts and Culture Trust’s ImpACT Awards.
  • 2019 Judging the 8th New Generation Festival

    Brent invited to be a judge at the 8th New Generation festival in Monte Carlo in Feb 2019

    Laurence nominated for the Social Entrepreneur AWIEF award

  • 2017 President of the Jury

    Laurence Estéve presided the jury at the Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain – Paris, France

  • 2016/2017Cultural Affairs Awards

    Winner of the National and International Contribution to Cultural Affairs award

    Paul Harris fellowship to both Laurence and Brent

  • 2016Paul Harris Fellow Award

    The Rotary Club of Claremont presented the award, in recognition of the number of underprivileged children and youth that have benefited from the circus school programmes over the years.

  • 2014 Beyond Sports Awards

    Zip Zap Khayelitsha Outreach division finalist for the Beyond Sports Award in the Sports for Health award

  • 2013 Pan-African Awards

    Winner of the Entrepreneurship in Education award

  • 2012Knight of the National Order of Merit

    Knight of the National Order of Merit – Laurence Estève from French government

  • 2012PGWC

    PGWC – Brent van Rensburg for the promotion of the performing arts

  • 2011Mayor’s Medal

    Mayor’s Medal – Brent van Rensburg to Youth Affairs

  • 2009China Wuqiao International

    China Wuqiao International Circus Festival – Joka Boys

  • 2008Small Business Finalist

    Cape Talk Nedbank small business finalist

  • 2008Men’s Health Awards

    Best Man of the Year in Public Service awarded to Brent Van Rensburg

  • 2007Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain

    Joka Boys act received the Nikouline Award for best comedy act

  • 2007Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain

    Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain – Kagisho Mutlane swinging trapeze

  • 2006Ideas that Matter

    Winner of the SAPPI Ideas that Matter award

  • 2005Proudly South African Bridge Builder of the Year Awards

    Bridge Builder of the Year Finalist

  • 2003International Circus Festival of Italy

    Winner for ‘Best Presentation’ awarded to Kagisho Mutlane

  • 2002Monte Carlo Circus Festival

    SACEM prize awarded to Silijo

  • 2002Veo Veo International Festival

    Veo Veo International Festival, Spain – Holly & Becky Megaw 5th place with scarf

  • 2001Business Day Award

    Business Day Award – winner in Arts Education

  • 2001Cirque Malter

    Cirque Malter, Belgium – Simon, Lionel, Jose, Wandi

  • 2001Circafrica

    Circafrica, France – Simon, Lionel, Jose, Wandi


  • Benoît Buron

    "We wanted to organize something different from standard company functions…Nothing better than supporting a beautiful initiative like the Zip Zap and offering at the same time a pure moment of joy for our employees, clients, friends and their families! THANK YOU VERY MUCH TO ALL THE ZIP ZAP TEAM!!!!"

    Benoît Buron
    AMT SA (Pty) Ltd
  • Alan Winde

    “The Zip Zap Circus School is an amazing project that takes young children off the street, affords them the opportunity to develop skills and most importantly, provides them with a sense of purpose and hope for the future. This championing of children is critical to our ability to build a strong, productive, and united society. When I recently had the opportunity to meet some of the Zip Zap Circus School ’s young stars, I was immediately struck by their enthusiasm and excitement at being involved in what is a truly remarkable social enterprise that has a special role to play in the economy and community of our province.”

    Alan Winde
    Minister of Finance, Economic Development and Tourism of the Western Cape Government
  • Ian Watt

    "I think what is being built will endure longer than just the next 16 years. They have created a wonderful legacy."

    Ian Watt
    former Managing Director of Old Mutual Properties
  • Jacques Maritz

    "We were blown away with the effort and skill of the youngsters!"

    Jacques Maritz
    Media Spokesperson, Office of the Deputy Mayor of the City of Cape Town
  • David Kramer

    "I salute your vision and tenacity over the years. You believe in your dream and have overcome so many obstacles. You have continued where so many others would have thrown in the towel. Your new home is so impressive, but what you are doing for young people and for Cape Town and South Africa is what really knocks me out. Take a bow, you deserve a long and standing ovation."

    David Kramer
    Singer, Songwriter, Playwright and Director, Spectator of “Once Upon A Circus”
  • Daniel Lamarre

    "In 2011, along with 30 Saltimbanco artists and employees, I had the privilege of visiting Zip Zap. It was a wonderful opportunity for us to experience firsthand the contagious joy, enthusiasm and hope shared by all those who come in contact with Zip Zap programs.

    I am proud of the ten-year social circus partnership shared by Zip Zap and Cirque du Soleil. During those years, Cirque du Soleil had the wonderful opportunity to support the astonishing hard work accomplished by Zip Zap in the fight against HIV by empowering young people affected and giving them the chance to express themselves through social circus. Our work together is based on the common desire to give South African youth the tools to build a better tomorrow.

    We at Cirque du Soleil salute Zip Zap’s remarkable social involvement and commitment to its community. Zip Zap is the living proof that actions speak louder than words and that sky is the limit when we all come together! May your activities continue to inspire!"

    Daniel Lamarre
    President and CEO of Cirque du Soleil

What Zip Zap Kids Have Said

  •  Zip Zap Kids

    “Zip Zap helped me a lot with not being afraid, it helped with my shyness. It has given me a dream to live for, a purpose for the future. It has given me friends and a bigger family.”

    Zip Zap Kids
  •  Zip Zap Kids

    “Zip Zap for me personally is a home and Zip Zap has made a change in me. Therefore, through Zip Zap I believe I can also make a change to the next generation. And all the youngsters that are at Zip Zap, to me they are my brothers and sisters, that’s why Zip Zap is a home for me.”

    Zip Zap Kids
  •  Zip Zap Kids

    “Zip Zap has done a lot for me according to where I come from, and all the difficulties in life. I’m very proud that I’m in Zip Zap.”

    Zip Zap Kids
  •  Zip Zap Kids

    “Zip Zap not only teaches us circus skills, it also teaches us self-respect and how to respect other people."

    Zip Zap Kids