Code of Conduct

The name of Zip Zap cannot be used for personal gain or otherwise unless approved by the board.

The code is founded on the following key principles:

1.                  COMPETENCY

2.                  INTEGRITY



5.                  SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY

6.                  SAFETY AND SECURITY

7.                  TEAMWORK


The statement of each of these principles is following by a definition and a list of standards of conduct describing how the principle applies. These standards of conduct are an important aspect of each principle.

Zip Zap expects all employees to comply with management and to conform to Zip Zap’s rules at all times.  If these rules are disregarded or the employee behaves wrongly in some other way Zip Zap may discipline employees.

Disciplinary action can consist of formal oral warning, written warning, a final written warning, dismissal or, in the case of gross misconduct, summary dismissal.

            1.                  Competency

Employees should satisfactorily perform the instructions given for carrying out the function of their employment.

Employees should satisfactorily perform any reasonable request relating to their function by a coordinator/supervisor/manager.

                       All staff shall:

·        Acknowledge and respect their own limits, and commit to acting upon them by seeking to improve themselves and enhance their competencies.

·        Be aware that they must identify the impacts of their actions on the lives of the persons and groups they work with;

·        Take into account the limits of their knowledge and capacity in the performance of their duties;

·        Not accept a duty which cannot be accomplished or seek technical advice/support to accomplish designed tasks

            2.                  Integrity

                        All staff shall:

·        Be committed to maintaining integrity throughout their activities, in a manner that displays honesty and respect for others. They shall not falsely represent their qualifications, experience or power, or otherwise inaccurately portray themselves so as to derive personal benefits;

·        Represent Zip Zap in the best manner and promote the organisation whenever possible.


In particular, all staff shall:

2.1 Be aware of their own belief systems, values, needs and limits, as well as   any other aspect that could have an impact on their professional roles;

2.2 Be sure to clearly explain their professional roles and fulfill the   requirements of those roles vis-à-vis all those with whom they work;

2.3 Understand that they may disagree with certain behaviour exhibited by the   persons they are working with, without such disagreement being   tantamount to rejection;

2.4  Abstain, on a personal level and aside from the financial compensation   provided for their work, from accepting any emotional, economic or sexual   benefits that could present themselves in the course of their work;

2.5 Refrain from engaging in any form of sexual intimacy with participants;

2.6  Abstain from all forms of sexual harassment or intimidating behaviour;

2.7 Refrain from committing wrongful acts;

2.8 Recognize any instances of intellectual, artistic or other property that does   not belong to them but that they make use of;

2.9 Respect the confidentiality of economical/emotional/social aspects of Zip   Zap and its individuals;

2.10 Abstain from consuming alcoholic beverages or any illegal substances or       being under the influence while participating in Zip Zap activities;

2.11 Respect the equipment and property of Zip Zap;

2.12  Respect the basic internal rule of “No swearing, no fighting, no stealing”;

2.13 Use an appropriate language and behavior as to be understood but not        feared from anyone.

3.                  Individual Responsibility 

Staff shall accept responsibility for their actions andmake every effort to adapt their methods to the needs and potential of the persons with whom they work.

Zip Zap being an idea, a vision and then a project, staff shall be dedicated to the common goal.

Staff shall:

3.1  Consult with their colleagues so as to avoid taking action that may be dangerous or against participants, and to curtail behaviours that would go against this code of conduct;

3.2  Strive to respect the commitments they have made by ensuring that they perform their duties in keeping with time frames and stated objectives, as well as the resources made available to them;

3.3 Arrive on time: at least 30 minutes before the commencement of the planned schedule;

3.4 Call in before due time if cannot attend in order for the group to get organized;

3.5 Recognize that the private life of each child/staff is a strictly personal matter, except where it is likely to compromise the operation of Zip Zap.


4.         Dignity and respect

Staff shall display a respectful attitude as concerns the fundamental rights, dignity and cultures of all. They shall further respect individuals’ right to privacy, to confidentiality, to self determination and to autonomy.

In particular, staff shall:

4.1   Refrain from using confidential information in a way that could harm the person working with or being trained, for personal gain, or for the gain of others;

4.2   Be discreet, displaying tact and discernment where the private lives of the persons they are working with or training are concerned;

4.3   Ensure, when participating in a research project, that the others participating in the project have willfully and knowingly consented to doing so, and that they have not been led to believe that a refusal to participate would have led to a loss or to sanctions.


5.        Social responsibility

                    Staff shall demonstrate openness and responsibility towards the communities                        in which they are working.

5.1 Take steps to ensure that the actions they direct towards persons and group help the latter to attain the greatest possible degree of autonomy and independence; these actions shall not include any aimed at exerting control or domination;

5.2  Pledge to champion social justice and to promote the acceptance, autonomy, self determination and respect of individuals’ taking an active role in their personal growth, in the development of support and mutual assistance networks, and in the community at large;

5.3  Intervene whenever another staff conducts him – or herself in a manner that fails to respect, no matter to what degree, this code of conduct;

5.4 Never, under any circumstances, use their positions for propaganda purposes, to procure unjust or illicit benefits for themselves, or to attempt to provide such benefits to anyone else;

5.5  Not discriminate in any way.


6        Safety, security and respect of property

      It is everyone responsibility, from the water on the floor and avoiding someone to slip to noticing a tare in some equipment and avoiding a much bigger injury. All staff must take steps towards keeping the environment safe for the youth training as well as for the visitors and the rest of the staff.

      Staff shall attend a yearly first aid and rigging course and aim towards obtaining a driving license and all necessary license to execute its role at Zip Zap fully such as PDP and Heavy Duty license.

      There should be proper and authorized use of Zip Zap equipment, time and property.

      Making of long or numerous private telephone calls (and emails) is not permitted.

      Removal of Zip Zap property from the premises without permission is not permitted.


7.        Teamwork

            Staff shall:

·        Be committed to participating actively and voluntarily in team initiatives with various team members, including other instructors, partners’ representatives and employers;

·        Commit to participating actively in joint efforts related to preparation, running and evaluation, in an atmosphere conducive to reaching a degree of trust likely to generate honest, genuine exchanges;

·        Always – if pending decisions generate a conflict that involves technical, administrative or political stakes – keep a primary objective in mind, which is the smooth operation and the growth of the project and its students;

·        Promote the establishment of an atmosphere of cooperation and support among staff & students;

·        Cooperate with other partners, guest teachers, interns, trustees who wish to lend additional support to the program;

·        Use discretion to resolve any disputes with colleagues, attempting to settle differences of opinion with them in a constructive manner and referring more serious conflicts to the appropriate bodies.

Threatening, aggressive or violent behavior or language is not permitted and may lead to dismissal – this applies both during working hours and outside of the work environment.

Discriminatory behavior, language, or non-verbal language is not permitted.

Harassment of individuals, whether sexual or otherwise, is not permitted.

Bullying of individuals, in any form, is not permitted.

Behaviour or actions that would in any way jeopardise the safety or well-being of other employees is not permitted.


8        Employment relationship

Staff shall:

·        Pledge to respect their hiring conditions and to report their activities to their employer;

·        Provide their employer with any and all information likely to contribute to the smooth operation of the program;

·        Inform the employer when a duty could not be executed;

·        Welcome training, internal or outsourced, as a way to reach a brighter future and improve personal, technical of life skills.

The following are examples of the kind of behaviour which can constitute gross misconduct and which could lead to summary dismissal:

•     Physical violence towards anybody: this applies to your role as an employee but also outside of the work environment

•     Behaviour that seriously jeopardises health or safety

•     Serious misuse of the trust that exists between employees and anyone for whom THE ORGANISATION is responsible

•     Incapacity for work due to being under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol

•     Gross insubordination

•     Deliberate damage to THE ORGANISATION property

      •     Serious infringement of the rules of THE ORGANISATION

Zip Zap reserves the right to make alterations to this Code of Conduct from time to time. Such amendments are binding on all Zip Zap staff.

12 June 2017