Code of Conduct

The name of Zip Zap cannot be used for personal gain or otherwise unless approved by the board.

Zip Zap’s code of conduct is founded on 8 principles:

1.                  COMPETENCY

2.                  INTEGRITY


4.                  DIGNITY AND RESPECT

5.                  SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY


7.                  TEAMWORK

8.                  RELATIONSHIPS

Respect your limits, but always seek to improve your skills

Display honesty and respect for others
Represent Zip Zap in the best possible manner and promote the organization whenever possible
Abstain from consuming alcohol, drugs, smoking cigarettes or being under the influence while participating in Zip Zap activities
Respect equipment and property of Zip Zap
Operate within the rules and spirit of circus – no swearing, no fighting, no stealing

Individual Responsibility
Behave and listen to instructions from your instructors and coordinators and respect their decisions
Arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of planned schedules
Respect commitments
Let your instructor know if you are sick or unable to attend a session
Lead by example

Dignity and Respect
Respect the privacy of others
Do not contribute to peer pressure or pushing others into doing anything they do not want to do
Respect the rights, dignity and worth of all participants and staff – regardless of age, gender, ability, race, cultural background, religious beliefs or sexual identity

Social Responsibility
Promote a culturally inclusive environment
Offer to support/help/ mentor younger participants
Be friendly and welcoming to new members
Report bullying

Safety, Security and respect of property
Respect safety policies and practices
Take steps towards keeping the environment safe for children, youth, staff and visitors
Do not remove any Zip Zap property from the premises

Be cooperative, supportive and participate actively and voluntarily in team initiatives
Help to make Zip Zap a fun place to be

Be loyal and give friends a second chance
Respect instructors and coordinators