Hire the Zip Zap Dome

What Is Included:

Capacity: 100 to 600 PAX in the dome - this number can be raised by adding extra tents to the venue

Technical: The venue is fully equipped with a stage, sound, lighting, projector, screen and a technician

Entertainment: Single Acts can be chosen from a menu as well as roaming entertainment

Ablution: Situated outside of the Dome (2 male toilets + 2 urinals and 3 female toilets)

Parking: 10 000 sqm2 of flat ground to park 300 cars

Noise: No noise restrictions due to the location of the Zip Zap Dome

Cleaning, Service, Security: Package includes a cleaner, two security guards and one medic

Open fire and gas: Gas facilities are allowed inside and outside, but no open flames are permitted inside

What Is Excluded:

Catering Decoration Hiring of tables & chairs Kitchen Safety officerEvent permitRefuse removalCarpet cleaningElectrical certificate for extra connectionsEngineer certificate for extra structure Running water (outside tap in the garden)