Zip Zap is a social circus school that focuses on giving opportunities to children from all walks of life. Your legacy gift will help us continue our development programmes.

There are several ways you can include Zip Zap in your Will:

Leaving a gift of a specific amount of money to Zip Zap.

Giving a share (or residue) of your estate to Zip Zap, after taking care of your loved ones and any other bequests.

Once you have taken care of your loved ones during their lifetime, your estate or part thereof can be left to Zip Zap.

Giving us a specific item such as property, other assets, art and jewellery. Zip Zap welcomes gifts of any kind. .

Please remember that bequests to charitable institutions are exempt from tax and may lead to savings in the amount of estate duty payable, if your estate amounts to more than R1 million.

Please CONTACT US should you wish to leave your legacy to Zip Zap.

Download our information brochure HERE.

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