Zip Zap Academy: +27 (21) 421 8622

This is Zip Zap reinvented. This is Zip Zap as never seen before. Our next chapter.

With the global pandemic halting the live performance industry, Zip Zap finds itself at a pivotal moment in its existence. Through adversity, comes hope and creativity! An opportune moment presents to create something fresh, cutting-edge and contemporary that re-ignites hope in our country and symbolises the evolution of Zip Zap. To tell the next chapter of our story without looking back.

Born from these tumultuous times is MOYA, an acrobatic art film rooted in South African culture seen through the eyes of our youth. We follow the protagonist who experiences living, breathing, laughing, and dancing through the technicolour natural landscapes of Cape Town, discovering himself and his environment through the magic of circus. Staying true to the essence of Zip Zap and enhancing the natural evolution of the company, the professional wing explores collective acrobatic work, African dance (including Gumboots and Pantsula), as well as traditional circus disciplines.

MOYA is captured through the lens of two talented circus artists and videographers specializing in movement film.

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The screening will be available to view on-demand for a period of 48 hours from 00h00 on Saturday 24 April 2021 to 00h00 on Sunday 25 April 2021.

MOYA is proudly supported by The African Culture Fund, The National Arts Council, IFAS and WESGRO