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MOYA is Zip Zap’s Award winning professional performance company.

These performers have all spent years honing their circus techniques and skills, whilst working their way up the various levels of Zip Zap’s programme offerings.



MOYA– An acrobatic art Film won 3 awards at the International Circus Awards in October 2021 – Outstanding performance by an artist (Phelelani Ndakrokra), Outstanding Digital Production, CircusTalk Critics Choice Award for Social Impact.

MOYA is a colourful celebration of South Africa’s cultural diversity.

It is the tangible spirit and energy of Africa that lives in its people. It is the golden thread that connects a tapestry of cultures.

This uniquely South African production is a manifestation of Nelson Mandela’s dream of a Rainbow Nation. A metaphor he used to share his dream that all South Africa’s people, a nation with 11 official languages and a troubled past, could co-exist in harmony. 


MOYA is a sensory journey of traditional and contemporary circus, infused with humour to convey a meaningful, ‘feel- good’ storyline for the whole family.

We follow the tale of a curious homeless child and his discovery of the circus. Under the big top, he learns to trust others and begins a new life. Acceptance and a sense of family soon become the stepping stones to reach his dreams.


The production conveys this personal and collective journey with expression and spirited beauty.

The simplicity of the set is a blank canvas. Performers are the artists whose brush strokes adorn this cultural snapshot with the vibrant colours of the rainbow.

They touch the gold and find the rainbow.

The show exudes the tangible African spirit of ‘vuma’, [passion], joy, and resilience. They perform as one in harmony as a rainbow nation underscored with a fusion of colour, stirring ethnic rhythms and acrobatic flair.




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