Our 2nd Chance programme was established in 2009 in partnership with The City of Cape Town, and now proudly continues in partnership with the HCI Foundation and the Western Cape Education Department (WCED).

Through this programme we are able to engage beneficiaries from primary schools, high schools, NGOs, orphanages, and children’s homes in the most underserved areas across Cape Town. The children are transported to our training Dome and exposed to hands-on workshops comprising games, circus techniques and fun activities, geared toward teaching teamwork and instilling discipline… and all this playing out in a safe, fun, and exciting environment! Participants experience a sense of belonging whilst engaging in a fun and creative circus workshop that inspires interest and a willingness to learn new skills. These interventions aim to inspire participants to envision an alternative, more positive future and develop an expanded awareness about possible career opportunities.

2nd Chance programme - Zip Zap
2nd Chance programme - Zip Zap

2nd Chance

This programme could not commence at all during 2020 and other priorities within the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) meant that it was severely delayed in the 2021 programme year amid the COVID-19 threat. We remained confident that the magic of circus was the perfect antidote and creative therapy needed to help many children and youth cope with the anxiety experienced during protracted periods of restriction and isolation characterised by COVID-19 lockdown. With the move to risk-adjusted Level 2, in September 2021, Zip Zap successfully campaigned with schools to attend an abbreviated programme. The programme ran from 30 September 2021 to 25 November 2021, and a total of 319 learners from 7 schools across the Cape Metropole were accommodated through 8 workshops at the Zip Zap Dome.

“It awakens creativity within our learners – making them realise that there other possibilities for their lives.” – Partcipating School




For more information on how to join one of our programmes, email youth@zip-zap.co.za




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