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Our 2nd Chance programme was established in 2009 in partnership with The City of Cape Town, and now proudly continues in partnership with the HCI Foundation and the Western Cape Education Department (WCED).

Through this programme we are able to engage beneficiaries from primary schools, high schools, NGOs, orphanages, and children’s homes in the most underserved areas across Cape Town. The children are transported to our training Dome and exposed to hands-on workshops comprising games, circus techniques and fun activities, geared toward teaching teamwork and instilling discipline… and all this playing out in a safe, fun, and exciting environment! Participants experience a sense of belonging whilst engaging in a fun and creative circus workshop that inspires interest and a willingness to learn new skills. These interventions aim to inspire participants to envision an alternative, more positive future and develop an expanded awareness about possible career opportunities.

2nd Chance programme - Zip Zap
2nd Chance programme - Zip Zap


Zip Zap instructors have left lasting impressions in the minds of participants and teachers alike! Some schools ensure that a visit to Zip Zap is an annual fixture in their calendars. We continue to forge strong relationships with the Western Cape Department of Education (WCED) and principals to create opportunities for even more students to attend in the future!

The workshops culminate in the participants creating a human pyramid! This is a highlight because the children are encouraged to push beyond personal boundaries and can take pride in their achievements. While they do not present shows the sessions are open for viewing by teachers and child-minders from their respective schools. 

“Our children always love the outing to ZIp Zap. It’s the highlight of each year.  We are so privileged that we can have this collaboration.”  – Halli Trust




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We rely entirely on donations to change lives. Our students don’t pay for any classes.

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With the current Covid-19 risk-adjusted Level 1 in place in South Africa, most of our programmes have resumed ensuring all Covid protocols are in place.