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Since 2015, Zip Zap has partnered with the SOS Children’s Village in Thornton, Cape Town, to bring circus magic to children and youth from unstable domestic and/or community situations.

We continue to honour our partnership by providing circus workshops in a safe, unique, and fun environment, with the help and support of dedicated and passionate instructors. The programme aims to address children’s needs for positive growth and self-development, while promoting overall physical and mental wellbeing. Activities target challenges around learning, fostering healthy behaviours, playing together, and building and maintaining positive relationships. Children experience teamwork and learn techniques to improve inter-personal skills and foster good relationships with each other and instructors. Transport is provided to ferry participants to the Zip Zap Academy to attend sessions. All the children perform acts in the annual “Show & Tell” performance, to the delight of caregivers and staff of the Children’s Village.

JumpStreet - Outreach Programme
JumpStreet - Outreach Programme

A Shining Star

Shaunwin Isaacs

Shaunwin is a 16-year-old learner at Florida School of Skills. He joined the Jumpstreet programme in 2017. He faced challenges at school because he was a resident at SOS Children’s Village.

It was very difficult for him to cope with peer pressure: his friends at the Village had very different interests and he found himself sacrificing his interests to satisfy friends: if they did not attend workshops at Zip Zap, he felt pressured not to attend either.

However, he persevered and continued to attend the workshops. His instructors report that he has natural leadership qualities and has displayed great progress on the scarf act. He quotes them as his role-models. Shaunwin’s proudest moment is the first show he performed in as part of the Jumpstreet programme. His aspirations while at Zip Zap is to be the best in the programme and to be the best teacher to other kids! His dream for the world is that every child be given an opportunity to do what they are good at. 

“To be a good role model to my siblings and other kids, and to have a career that will help me to provide for them and take them out of SOS.” – Shaunwin



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With the current Covid-19 risk-adjusted Level 1 in place in South Africa, most of our programmes have resumed ensuring all Covid protocols are in place.