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The Beginners Programme was established in 2009, to provide a foundational circus programme for children between the ages of 7 and 12.

This recreational programme takes place once per week, on Saturday mornings for 1,5 hours, during which time children are encouraged to attempt a variety of circus skills, and to play and learn together. The primary aims are for children to develop a basic level of circus skills, and for children from various backgrounds to experience the value of working and playing together. Through their weekly engagement, they develop a sense of belonging, a willingness to learn new skills and enjoy the rewards of positive social interactions.

Youth Programme - Beginners
Youth Programme - Beginners


Children create new relationships from diverse (social, racial, cultural and economic) backgrounds. Rather than focus on their differences, they are encouraged to embrace and celebrate what makes them each unique! Children display marked improvements in physical fitness and are introduced to an array of entry-level circus skills. They all embrace the chance to learn new things and have loads of fun! Participants learn from and about each other, contribute to team achievements, and blossom as they flex their collective muscles! Children emerge with greater confidence and a deeper sense of belonging. Participants perform in an annual “Show and Tel” show, that demonstrates their skills and showmanship to the delight of family and friends!





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A Shining Star

Maddison Frick

Madison is 10 years old and joined Zip-Zap beginners in 2019. She has made some great new friends at circus and calls them her “special circus friends.” When she first started at Zip-Zap she was very shy.  Her fondest memory is from her first day, when a boy invited her to join in.  He encouraged her not to be shy and now he is her best friend.   Maddison has blossomed at circus since then. 

Her favourite circus skill is trapeze.  She dreams of becoming a good trapeze artist, a chef and a painter. Maddison is also very proudly learning to juggle!

“Learning trapeze has helped me cure my fear with courage.”- Maddison

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With the current Covid-19 risk-adjusted Level 1 in place in South Africa, most of our programmes have resumed ensuring all Covid protocols are in place.