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The Zappers programme is aimed at identifying and nurturing talent within existing Zip Zap programmes.

The programme focuses on imparting high-level circus expertise to youth with exceptional talent to create new acts and shows, using Zip Zap expertise, and a pool of international visiting artists. The programme targets youth between the ages of 10 and 18 years old. Zappers offers this small group, who have been identified as committed, dedicated and with exceptional potential, the opportunity of intensive training and performance opportunities. The specific aim of this programme is to develop a core group of youth performers with advanced levels of circus skills. We encourage Zappers students to apply for the Dare2Dream vocational programme or join the MOYA professional group, with our focus being on preparing them for this transition.

Youth Programme - Zappers
Youth Programme - Zappers


Zappers students are encouraged to perform in 10 shows a year, giving them maximum stage time and subsequently growing their confidence.

Their intensive training schedule of 10 hours per week means that they accelerate their performance ability and hone their specialties.

Students all display improvements in pro-social behaviour due to the teamwork required.




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A Shining Star

Ayanda Nombelwu

It was love at first sight for Ayanda when he saw his first Zip Zap show at the Waterfront in 2009.

He enjoys everything they do at Zip Zap and discovered his passion for mini tramp and the unicycle.  His favourite memory was learning to do a double front summersault on the mini trap, it was so exciting and felt amazing!  The teachers are his role models as they are always helpful with new tricks and encourage him to do better. 

Ayanda also shared another of his talents with Zip Zap by doing all the beautiful illustrations in our children’s story book ‘I Can Fly’.  All proceeds from our book benefit Zip Zap programmes.  Ayanda is now 19 years old and enjoys sewing and fashion design.

“There are lots of problems in the world.  I would change all the violence and hate to make the world a better place.  My personal dream is to perfect the three-man unicycle act so, that I can tour the world with my friends. – Ayanda

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With the current Covid-19 risk-adjusted Level 1 in place in South Africa, most of our programmes have resumed ensuring all Covid protocols are in place.