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Volunteers play an essential part in the Zip Zap journey. Not only do they bring an array of new skills, but they also make lighter work, and contribute so much positivity too. Hosting our volunteers fills our hearts, our sails and often our tummies too!

Zip Zap is eternally grateful to our current volunteers

Adele Blank

Renowned for her dance and choreography skills, South African dynamo, Adele Blank, has trained, performed and taught nationally and internationally. Having trained in the Cecchetti method of classical dance, Adele performed with the Johannesburg City Ballet Company before diving into contemporary dance with then mentor and teacher, Sheila Wartski.

Adele spent time in the USA, UK, Europe and Israel to study the various forms of contemporary dance, after which she was elected Director of Dance and Choreography at the Performing Arts Workshop in 1984. In 1987, Adele established the Free Flight Dance Company, which she directs to this day.

Adele has been training Zip Zap students in dance and has choreographed various pieces and shows for the organisation since her move to Cape Town in 2002. In 2018, her passion, expertise and mentorship helped Zip Zap to bring a breath-taking performance to the Artscape stage.

Belinda Weeber

Belinda saw her first Zip Zap show at the Grahamstown Festival in 1996. My oldest daughter fell in love with the circus and joined in 1997. She was instantly enraptured by Zip Zap’s energy and enthusiasm.  Her two younger children joined a year later and their family was swept up by the magic of Zip Zap.  

Although her background is in teaching, community development and nutrition, she has a passion for creating and sewing. She started making a few costumes for Zip Zap in her spare time. When Laurence was looking for someone to teach some Zip Zap adults costume making, she jumped at the opportunity, and has never left!

Keen to be a part of the magic?

Zip Zap sometimes needs the following volunteers:

Volunteers at our shows
Videography and video editing

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